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Fast-paced and fun discussions featuring the staff of Now Media Group. Each week, different trending topics are broken down from a variety of perspectives.


If everyone in the world spoke the same language, how would that change humanity? 

How has the invention of social media changed writing as a whole? 

If you could write a blog that would be read by every high schooler in the country, what would it be called and what would the goal be? 


Join Nick, Amy, Tori, Julia, and Chesiree for the final episode of the Rogue Writers Podcast. 

Feel free to find this and all other episodes on the Now Media site right here: https://nowmediagroup.tv/rogue-writers/


Check back in late February for the first episode of The Digital Edge, a podcast that explores business, digital marketing, and our experiences with it in a fun, fast-paced kind of way. 

Thanks for listening to the Rogue Writers Podcast, and I hope you'll join us for our next project. 


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What traits separate writers from non-writers? What are two tips that could improve someone's writing abilities? What would be your dream job as a writer? 

Join Amy, Tori, Adam, Julia, and Nick for the second to last episode of the Rogue Writers Podcast. We discuss a wide range of writing questions about why we became writers and how to improve. 


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We'll be back with the final episode on January 27. Thanks for listening. 

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Do you make New Years Resolutions each year? What obstacles keep you from following them? What weaknesses will you try to improve on in 2020? 

Join Tori, Shannon, Julia, Adam, and Nick for a discussion of our goals, things we'd like to change, and trending topics for 2020. 


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Stay tuned for two new episodes in January. 

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From the evolution of the #MeToo Movement to China landing on the dark side of the moon, join Nick, Tori, Adam, Shannon, and Vee for a podcast where we discuss ten of the most memorable topics of 2019. 

Thank you for listening to the Rogue Writers Podcast!


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See you in 2 weeks with a new episode! 

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Which of the 12 top-ranked Thanksgiving foods could you eat year around? Should the dark origins of holidays like Thanksgiving be discussed, or has it become another holiday altogether? Have you ever worked a Black Friday and what causes so much chaos on that day? 

Join Amy, Tori, Shannon, Julia, and Nick for a podcast where we discuss personal experiences and trending topics related to Black Friday and Thanksgiving. 

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Check back for a new episode of the Rogue Writers Podcast in two weeks!


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Why should the CEO of McDonalds have been fired for dating a collegue, and what is the perfect dating policy? Since 9000 stores are set to close this year, are shopping malls going to survive the next decade, and why? What are the positives and negatives of Microsoft's study that showed that a 4-day work week is more productive and would that work for every company?

Join Nick, Amy, Tori, Shannon, and Julia for a podcast where we discuss everything that's fun and interesting about ten trending topics. 

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Check back for another episode in two weeks and email us at RogueWritersSD@gmail.com with any feedback. 

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Should a city in Virginia ban trick-or-treat for kids over 13? Which restaurants are taking advantage of the holiday's marketing potential with unique products? What type of decoration caused outrage against McDonalds and another business, forcing them to remove it?

Join Nick, Amy, Tori, Shannon, and Matthew for an episode where we discuss popular Halloween topics. 


All support and sharing is appreciated. Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Check back in November for our next episode. Thanks for listening to the Rogue Writers Podcast. 

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Ever wonder what qualities it takes to be a successful influencer and what the biggest dealbreaker would be? And how do influencer's recover from controversy and mistakes to continue to remain popular? 

Join Nick, Tori, Amy, Matthew, and Shannon for an in-depth conversation about influencers and what makes them popular. 

- Each person reviews one influencer and their content and controversies. 

- We explore what makes them popular and credible, and what can ruin their reputations. 

- Check out 6 trending influencer topics, including one who ruined her career by being caught abusing her dog. 

- Stick around for motivating quotes in the end of the episode. 


Thanks for listening to the Rogue Writers Podcast. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter and stay tuned for another episode next week. All sharing and support is appreciated - send all feedback to RogueWritersSD@gmail.com

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Do you think Netflix's decision to show movies in theaters for 90 days first will cause people to leave? Is it possible for a dress code to be racist? How can Seaworld rebrand after the damage caused by the documentary, "Blackfish"? 

Join Nick, Tori, Matt, Shannon, and Amy for a discussion of 10 popular business topics. 

All sharing and support is greatly appreciated. Follow us on Facebook, subscribe to the Rogue Writers YouTube page, and send feedback to RogueWritersSD@gmail.com. Check back for a new episode in just 2 weeks - thanks for listening! 




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What's something someone said to you that motivates you every time you think about it? When you're on the couch, fresh out of motivation, what can you do to regain it? 

Join Amy, Tori, Matthew, Shannon, and Nick for a personal episode where we discuss our experiences with motivation, trying to stay motivated, and facing the challenges that drain motivation from our lives. 

Thanks for listening and sharing the Rogue Writers Podcast. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel. All sharing and support is appreciated. Check back in two weeks for another episode and have a great day.  

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